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Blazin Brush Chroma Caddy - Purpurate

Blazin Brushes

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Product Id: BBCCP01
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Chroma Caddy is a convenient, practical, and reliable face painting tool for any artist or face painter to keep all colors organized and ready to use. Chroma Caddy Purpurate by Blazin Brush is a flexible, light, durable, 24 Slot silicone container with a removable cover that can be used to organize your favorite face paint colors and make your custom kit. Each slot can hold about 16 grams of face paint. 

Ideal for storing Fusion One Stroke 10 gm refills and VIVID Glitter Gleam Palette refills. Includes only empty case, face paint sold separately. Measures approximately 9 x 6.5 x .07 inches (23 cm x 16.6 cm x 1 cm). Each empty Chroma Caddy weighs 6 oz. (170 gr.)