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Blazin Brush Filbert Collection by Marcela Bustamante - Set of 5

Blazin Brushes

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Blazin Brushes New Filbert Collection by Marcela Bustamante includes the following brushes: : Filbert #2 XL, Filbert #4, Filbert #6 XL, Filbert #8 and Script Liner #3 XL
Blazin Brushes by renowned artist Marcela Bustamante are famous for their perfect strokes, signature purple, wooden handles and long lasting synthetic, taklon bristles. Blazin Filbert Brush works exceptionally well for flower petals, hearts, scales and teardrops. Filbert brushes are also great for blending work, contouring, filling in the eyelid area and large spaces of the face and body. Script Liner brush is great for twirls, swirls, teardrops, flowers, outlines and detailed line work. Set of five brushes includes 4 filbert brushes and 1 script liner brush.
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