Cameleon Build Your Own Palette (12 Colors)

Cameleon Build Your Own Palette (12 Colors)


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For face painting artists who use lots of face paint and need portability, this Cameleon Palette is the ultimate face painting kit! Select 12 of the 32 gram colors from Cameleon and click "Add to Cart." We'll ship the colors and a sturdy plastic case to you, just assemble in your preferred color order and you're ready to face paint!

Cameleon face paints are very rich in color and blend in smoothly on skin. Cameleon offers Baseline, Metallic and Neon colors, that provide great coverage over large areas of the body.

Please Note: Cameleon Baseline and Metallic Face Paints are made using EU & USA approved ingredients. Baseline colors have been approved by FDA for cosmetic use and are free of any perfume, sulfates or parabens, making them safe to use on sensitive skin, especially on children. Neon colors are labelled as Special FX products, not cosmetics, as they have not been tested by the FDA.

Important: According to FDA recommendations, red, blue, green and purple colors, as well as all Neon colors, should be avoided around the eyes and lips. These colors should not be left on skin for a long time. Avoid contact with upholstery, fabric and carpet.

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