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Cinema Secrets Flesh (Lt Tan) Latex Adhesive (1 oz)

Cinema Secrets

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Natural rubber adhesive sports a subtle flesh tone great for blending latex Ears, Noses or Bald Caps. Apply with a sponge, and remove by peeling from skin. 1 oz. size.

Sorry, we cannot ship this item in winter as it will freeze.

To apply your clown nose, apply adhesive to the bridge area inside the false nose. Put the nose on briefly, then remove it, leaving a line of glue across your own nose. Re-apply adhesive to both your nose and the clown nose, and allow both to dry for several minutes until clear (you can use a hair dryer to speed this process up). Gently roll the nose on for a secure fit. Avoid getting adhesive in the nostril area to avoid pain when removing. To remove, gently peel the nose from one side.