Clown Skits for Everyone - Feder

Clown Skits for Everyone - Feder

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Over 30 easy to perform skits for one or two clowns, plus advice and ideas on being a clown, making your own props, modifying skits, gestures and action, talking and miming, and more! Includes: Silly Solos, The exploding balloon, Pool ball prankster, Gestures and actions, Unbalancing water balloons, Tug of war, Talking clownese, Photo fun, Juggle and hide, Practice makes perfect, Digital portrait drawing, A man called Sam, Relax and be yourself, Baaaaaalloooooons!, The clown copper, Start out simple, The haunted ha ha's, Decathlon simulcast, Building and collecting props, Magic act, A not so magic act, Performance mechanics, The monkey you are!, Lie detector. Dizzy Duets - Shootout at the oh-no corral, Doctor golf and the teed-off patient, Teamwork, Telephone talk, Eating way out, Adapting performances to audiences, Boxers who didn't, Lightweight diet, Routining, Golf gooforama, War is heck!, Troublesome children, Clown crimefighter!, Adapting and modifying skits, Hypnosis, Open gizzard surgery, Safety first!, Mopping up, School's out!, On being a clown, Fly trouble!, Thank you kindly. 1/2 size, 163 page illustrated paperback.

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