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Clownatex Balloon Hand Pump & Cutter Set


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Product Id: CABLKIT
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Our Clownatex Balloon Accessory Set includes: Clownatex Balloon Hand pump and Balloon Cutter. Clownatex Balloon Hand Pump & Cutter Set is a value set with 10% savings than buying your balloon supplies individually!

Clownatex Hand Pump Balloon Inflator is a high quality, economical, lightweight, portable, hand held balloon pump to blow up your balloons easily. Easy-to-fit nozzle is ideal for inflating 260Qs, 350Qs and round balloons.

Clownatex Balloon Cutter is an easy to use, handy tool for professional balloon artists to quickly cut 260 balloons, ribbons etc. Balloon Cutter is an essential balloon accessory for making balloon animals, twisting balloons etc. for both professionals and beginners alike.