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Diamond FX White - Neon White Blacklight N01 (30 gm)

Diamond FX

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Diamond FX Neon White creates wonderful Special FX designs that appear bright under regular light but glow intensely under blacklight. Perfect for glow in the dark activities, night clubs and other events that use black lights. Neon white is almost transparent under normal light, and is effective only under black light. 

Diamond FX colors are densely pigmented wax-based professional cakes that provide superb opaque coverage and durability without fading or cracking. Paints have superior consistency, retaining color even when layered over other colors. Diamond FX colors are super easy to apply, requiring just a little bit of water. To remove, wash off with soap and water. Some traces of color might stay for a short period after washing. Diamond FX cakes are very gentle, formulated to be hypoallergenic and non-toxic, free of any perfumes. Available in a 30 gram stackable container that is perfect for storing.

Please Note: Diamond FX colors are tested in the Netherlands. Diamond FX Neon colors contain UV-reactive pigments that have not been tested by the FDA and are therefore labeled for use on hair and Special FX only, not cosmetic use. Diamond FX Neon Blue, Neon White and Neon Violet colors are available as cosmetic grade (only the ones labelled as cosmetic) with ingredients that have been FDA approved for cosmetic use. Do not use Diamond FX Neon Colors around eyes and lips or keep on skin for extended time. Avoid contact with carpets, upholstery and fabric.