Dr. Dropo's Balloon Sculpting - Fife

Dr. Dropo's Balloon Sculpting - Fife

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In this delightful book Dr. Dropo shares his secrets for making several popular balloon animals, toys and games. Includes: Basics, Dog, Dachshund, Cocker Spaniel, Giraffe, Mouse, Squirrel, Horse, Camel, Rabbit, Frog, Mugwump, Bumblebee, Hummingbird, Ladybug, Swan, Seal Balancing a Ball, Penguin, Brontosaurus, French Poodle, Cobra, Snail, Parrot, Toucan, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Monkey, Standing Dog, Alligator, The Extraterrestrial, Teddy Bear, - Apple Balloons - Apple, Basket Of Fruit, Bubble Baby, Chinaman, Baldheaded Man, Bubbles The Clown, Mr. Mustache, Troll, Smiley Face, Mr. Wrinkle, The Masked Marvel, More Balloon Guys, - Balloon Hats - The Basic Balloon Hat, Space Helmet, Animal Hats, Multiple Balloon Hat, Royal Crown, - Games And Toys - Airplane, High-Flyers, Tulip, Elephant Nose, Clown Nose, Pirate Sword, Bubble Gun, Fearless Freddy Over 50 figures in all! 96 page, 1/2 size, soft cover.

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