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Endura Alcohol Based Airbrush Ink - Metallic Red (1 oz)

European Body Art

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Endura Alcohol Based Airbrush Ink - Metallic Red is a highly durable, alcohol based waterproof airbrush makeup perfect for body painting and temporary tattoos. Endura Metallic colors are ideal for adding shining effects to your designs. Endura airbrush makeup can be applied directly on the skin or over prosthetic appliances. Endura alcohol based airbrush ink flows smoothly without clogging your airbrush. Endura offers best coverage, only a less amount of paint is required to create vibrant designs, making it more cost effective.

Endura Airbrush Ink's exclusive formula known for its superior longevity can last up to 5 days with proper care. Endura Makeup blends in smoothly, dries right away and stays on skin for long durations without cracking. The sweat and waterproof formula makes it perfect to be used in water parks and under water performance. Endura ink has an outstanding ability to blend colors directly on the skin to produce unlimited colors and shades. Comes in a 1 ounce bottle. Each 1 ounce bottle can give about 100-300 tattoos.

The instant drying formula of Endura makes it great for special FX makeup, theatrical effects, airbrush tattoos, face & body art or any stage makeup. Though specially designed for airbrush application, Endura can be applied with sponge or brush. Endura airbrush makeup can be removed with makeup removers like Vapore or Unveil. Airbrush Ink can also be removed with alcohol or baby oil.

Endura is made in the USA by European Body Art with FDA approved ingredients. As per US FDA recommendations, reds and blues (including greens and purples) should not be used around eyes and lips. These colors should not be left on skin for a long time. Avoid contact with upholstery, fabric and carpet. Alcohol based paints are NOT recommended for use on young children.