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European Body Art Alcohol Based Makeup Remover Spray - Vapore (1 oz)

European Body Art

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European Body Art's Alcohol Based Makeup Remover - Vapore is a very versatile makeup remover that can effectively remove any cosmetic grade makeup and adhesive residue from prosthetic appliances. European Body Art Vapore formula is a perfect mixture of the most effective makeup removing components. Vapore's formula consists of jojoba, macadamia and aloe oil extract that leaves the skin moisturized and smooth after use.

Endura Vapore Makeup Remover can be used frequently on skin unlike pure alcohol, because of its moisturizing benefits. Endura Vapore formula is ideal for removal of solvent based, alcohol based, silicon based or water based makeups. Vapore is made in the USA by European Body Art using FDA compliant ingredients. Comes in a 1 ounce spray bottle.