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EZ Tie Balloon Tool


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EZ Tie Balloon Tool is your best time saver for blowing balloons at parties. Save your thumbs from the tiresome task of tying umpteen number of balloons! EZ Tie Balloon Tool is made in the USA, using a patented technique that helps you blow balloons in just five easy steps.

The EZ Tie Balloon Tool easily ties air or helium filled balloons, regardless of age, physical challenges or long fingernails. The Balloon Tool can also attach a string or ribbon as you tie the knot. EZ Tie can also be used to make arches and bouquets to make your party extra fun and colorful. The tool highlights an ergonomic design, with additional features like mounting plate & ribbon feeder, balloon ribbon support & release etc.

See how easy it is! Watch a video of how to use the EZ Tie Balloon Tool.

See how to use the EZ Tie tool to tie balloon with a ribbon:

Learn how to make arches and bouquets with EZ Tie Tool:

Step By Step Instructions for basic balloon tying with EZ Tie Tool

  1. Hold the tool on your first two or three fingers so that opening points to the top
  2. Inflate a balloon and hold it in upright position
  3. Hold the inflated part between the tool and your thumb
  4. Stretch the neck of the balloon and move it over the top of the tool opening
  5. Keep stretching the balloon, winding it around the nose of the tool
  6. Finally, hold the balloon's opening with index finger and thumb and pull to complete the knot