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FAB 6 Color Palette - Primary (11 gm)

Silly Farm (FAB)

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FAB 6 Color Palette - Primary includes highly pigmented, glycerin based, water activated face and body makeup in 6 basic colors, 11 grams each. Each color comes packaged in an easily replaceable refill size container. Colors included are: White, Black, Red, Green, Blue and Yellow.

FAB Makeup guarantees bold and vibrant coverage with smooth and creamy consistency. FAB Shimmer Face Paints are great to add shining elements to your face and body art. FAB Makeup is ideal for fairs, birthday parties or special occasions. FAB Professional Makeup is made by Superstar in Holland and is comparable in consistency and color intensity with Kryolan Aquacolor and Paradise AQ face paints.

It is not recommended to add water directly to the cake. Activate with the damp brush or sponge to reach a creamy consistency and then apply. FAB Makeup dries quickly in about 30 seconds without requiring use of any setting powder and can be removed easily with just soap and water. FAB Superstar paints blend in smoothly and stay gentle on skin to provide a smooth, smudge resistant coverage. For a longer lasting finish, a setting spray is recommended before and after application.

Each 11 gm cake gives about 50 to 75 applications.

Note: FAB Face Paints contain a very low fragrance level of 0.003%; so it is not recommended for those who are extremely sensitive to fragrance, scent or perfumes.