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FAB Hybrid Airbrush Makeup - Snow White (2 oz)

Silly Farm (FAB)

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FAB Hybrid Airbrush Makeup - Snow White is a high quality, alcohol based, pre-mixed airbrush makeup that can be used to create vibrant and opaque face and body art designs. FAB Hybrid Makeup has a cost effective, durable formula with small amounts of isopropyl alcohol, at levels that are safe for use in face and body painting. Hybrid Airbrush makeup flows smoothly and can be used to create an even, natural appearance on the skin without clogging your airbrush. FAB Hybrid formula is mild and can be used even on sensitive skin. Airbrush makeup wears longer than traditional face paint, and is able to stay put upwards of 12–24 hours. FAB Hybrid paints are made in the USA, using FDA compliant ingredients for cosmetic use.

FAB is perfect for airbrush face and body painting and an excellent substitute to alcohol based temporary tattoos. FAB makeup can be easily removed with soap and water. Each 2 oz bottle can give about 100+ face painting applications or half of a body.

Even though pre-mixed, FAB makeup might need thinning using a small amount of mixing liquid, depending on the size of the airbrush used. Please use FAB makeup only in well ventilated areas and care should be taken not to spray close to mucus membrane. Available in a variety of vibrant colors.