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Facepainting Hub Sedona XL (5/8") Angle Brush

Facepainting Hub

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Sedona 5/8" XL Angled Brush by Facepainting Hub – your gateway to a world of vibrant, long flowing designs! Meticulously crafted with precision and passion, this brush sets a new standard for excellence, transforming every stroke into a masterpiece. Its 100% synthetic bristles redefine quality, providing exceptional retention, snap, and spring for creations that dazzle with finesse. Sedona 5/8" XL is perfect for all mainstream one stroke cakes. From crafting leaves, rainbows, masks, ribbons and glorious rainbow swooshes, this angled wonder offers unparalleled versatility and control, empowering you to unleash your creativity with confidence.

Sedona 5/8" XL brush is 8.2" long from tip to end. The brush ferrule width is approximately 5/8" and the bristles are 1" long at the longest point. This brush has gold painted wooden handles and synthetic bristles.

Designed by Facepainting Hub, in collaboration with Rosemary & Co, this brush embodies excellence without the extravagant price tag. With over four decades of brush-making expertise, Rosemary & Co ensures each brush stands the test of time. From its expertly tapered nylon bristles to its water-resistant wrapped handle crafted from natural wood, the Sedona XL Angled Brush is your essential tool for elevating face and body artistry to new heights.