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Facepainting Hub Verona (1/2") Angle Brush

Facepainting Hub

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Verona 1/2" Angled Brush by Facepainting Hub – your gateway to a world of vibrant, flawless designs! Meticulously crafted with precision and passion, this brush sets a new standard for excellence, transforming every stroke into a masterpiece. Its 100% synthetic bristles redefine quality, providing exceptional retention, snap, and spring for creations that dazzle with finesse. Verona 1/2" is a versatile face painting brush that's effortless to load and offers exceptional control, it excels at picking up just the right amount of one-stroke colors. Perfect for crafting delicate petals, small roses, buds, leaves, and other intricate one-stroke cheek designs, this brush is ideal for bringing intricate details to life with ease.

Verona 1/2" brush is 7.6" long from tip to end. The brush ferrule width is approximately 1/2" and the bristles are 1/2" long at the longest point. This brush has gold painted wooden handles and synthetic bristles.

Designed by Facepainting Hub, in collaboration with Rosemary & Co, this brush embodies excellence without the extravagant price tag. With over four decades of brush-making expertise, Rosemary & Co ensures each brush stands the test of time. From its expertly tapered nylon bristles to its water-resistant wrapped handle crafted from natural wood, the Sedona XL Angled Brush is your essential tool for elevating face and body artistry to new heights.