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Fusion Body Art Body Glitter Spray Pump - Sunlight (10 gm)

Fusion Body Art

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Fusion Body Art Glitter is a highly reflective, cosmetic-safe, polyester, fine brilliant glitter perfect for adding sparkling effects to your face and body painting. Golden Stars Fine Glitter is a perfect blend of brilliant yellow glitter with holographic lime and gold tones. 

Fusion Body Art Glitter is safe to use on face, body or hair. Mix different colors of glitters to create your own unique shade. Fusion Glitters can be used for adding sparkle to body painting in festivals, clubs, and parties etc.

Fusion Body Art Fine Glitter comes in a convenient pump spray bottle for clean, fast application and is great for applying a fine glitter layer over your face and body art designs. Keep the pump a few inches away from the face, hold the pump above the area you want to add glitter and spray glitter by pressing down on the pump. This cosmetic glitter can be easily removed using a soft wet sponge or a damp cloth or simply wipe it off with a disposable wipe. Size: 10 gram.