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Fusion Body Art Charcoal Black Half Round Sponges (Pack of 2)

Fusion Body Art

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Fusion Body Art Half Round Face Paint Sponges - Charcoal Black are the go-to tool for pros in the face painting art world! Crafted specifically for face painting, these sponges are just the right size and density to make your face painting routine a breeze. Pair them up with any split cake or solid color and watch the magic unfold! Their sleek black hue hides any mess, while their plush yet firm texture ensures every stroke is smooth as silk.

With dimensions of 1.2" (3cm) x 2.6" (6.6cm) x .6" (1.5cm), these sponges are perfect for crafting intricate butterfly eyes or sweeping full-face designs. Cleaning them is a snap - just soap up, rinse, and let them air dry or give them a quick zap with a dryer. Keep in mind, though, that vibrant colors may leave a mark over time. Pack of 2.