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Fusion Body Art Empty 24 Slots Mini Split Cake Palette - Black

Fusion Body Art

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Product Id: JPFBAPA144
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Introducing the Fusion Body Art Empty Mini Split Cake/Glitter Cream Palette Case! It's a sturdy plastic case that can hold up to 24 containers of face paint, each with 10 grams of paint inside. Perfect for storing your favorite Fusion Body Art Mini Spectrum Split Cakes and Glitter Creams. This palette case is a handy tool for makeup artists and face painters, allowing them to organize their colors just the way they like. It's compact, measuring about 21.6 cm x 20.3 cm x 1.9 cm, making it easy to carry around. Remember to handle it gently, as the case and hinges can be delicate. Also, note that palette inserts are sold separately, so you'll need to get those separately if you want them.