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Global Colours Blue Face Paint - Standard Fresh Blue (32 gm)

Global Body Art

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Global Colours Standard Baby Blue Face Paints are heavily pigmented, water based cakes that work great for blending or line work. Global Face Paints are very smooth and are easy to apply and remove. Global Standard Colors provide long lasting, opaque coverage that is less prone to fading or cracking. Global Body Art's special formulation ensures that the face paint gives consistent performance over and over again. Comes in 32 gram size.

Global Face Paints can be easily applied with a damp brush or sponge. Gently work the surface of the cake with the brush or sponge to get the desired consistency. Apply to skin in gentle, even strokes. Global requires little more water than most other brands. They can be easily removed with mild soap and water.

Global Standard Color Face Paints are made with high quality, US FDA approved ingredients that are safe to use anywhere in the body. They are hypoallergenic and free of perfumes. As per US FDA recommendations, reds and blues (including greens and purples) should not be used around eyes and lips. These colors should not be left on skin for a long time. Avoid contact with upholstery, fabric and carpet.

Each 32 gram container will give approximately 50-200 applications.