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Graftobian Complete Bald Cap Makeup Kits


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Graftobians bald cap kit has everything you need to have a professional quality bald cap costume. The Graftobian bald cap includes the regular sized Woochie Latex Bald Cap, as well as all the make-up products you will need to attach, color and remove your bald cap. Unlike other bald cap kits, the Graftobian bald cap kits comes with 5 flesh tones and blue so you can create variety of characters. The bald cap kit also includes a 16 step, full color instruction sheet to help make this so easier a beginner can do it. The Rubber Mask Grease Makeup in this kit includes Castor Seal, which gives the cap a realistic finish.

Graftobian Bald Cap Kit contains:
  • Regular sized Woochie Latex Bald Cap
  • Spirit gum adhesive
  • Spirit gum remover
  • Face powder
  • Liquid latex
  • 5 rubber mask greases
  • Red rubber round wedge
  • 16 step full-color instructions 

Watch this tutorial to learn more about application: