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Graftobian Glitterglam - Golden Sunlight (0.5 oz)


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A great alternative to dry and loose glitter, Graftobian GlitterGlam Liquid Glitter is a non-alcohol based glitter gel and is highly durable. Best of all, it is safe to use on all skin areas, even lips! The application uses are endless so let your creativity run wild with Graftobian Liquid Glitter at your next face painting event.

GlitterGlam is water soluable, making it easy to apply and remove. It does take longer than usual to dry, but once it has dried, it is long lasting and beautiful. The visual impact of Graftobian Liquid Glitter is startling and amazing. Your face paint designs will stand out from the crowd and make an impact.

Graftobian GlitterGlam Liquid Glitter comes in an 0.5 ounce size.