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Graftobian Metal Mania Kit - Copper


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Graftobian Metal Mania Kit in Copper includes all you need to create stunning metallic makeup effects. Become a completely copper statue, a great copper Lincoln Penny costume or use it for stunning eye and makeup effects. Just mix Graftobian Copper Cosmetic Powdered Metal with about double the amount of Graftobian Mixing & Lining Liquid.

Once the Powdered Metal Makeup is completely dry, it is a totally durable and completely opaque metallic coating. Use Graftobian Copper ColorSpray hair effects to coat your hair if you like. Removal is easy with soap and water.

Kit includes: 1 oz container of Powdered Metal in Copper, 0.5 oz Graftobian Magic Set Mixing Liquid and an application sponge. Measured by actual weight and not volume.