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Graftobian Gold ProPaint Dewdrop Gold 77041 (1 oz/ 30 ml)


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Graftobian Dewdrop Gold ProPaint is a strongly pigmented, glycerin-based formulation that works great for rich, non-greasy coverage over large areas of the body. ProPaint provides long lasting coverage with lesser amount of the product than similar products from other brands. It blends in smoothly to provide a rich, vibrant coverage that can stay on all day without peeling or cracking.

ProPaint is easy to apply with a sponge or brush and dries fast to give a smear resistant finish. It is fragrance-free and is made in the USA with FDA compliant, safe ingredients. ProPaint is approved as safe to use on face, hair, nails or anywhere else on the body. Comes in 1 oz/30 ml size.