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Graftobian Zombie Kit


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Graftobian's Zombie kit is loaded with professional quality makeup and accessories to create your own zombie look for Halloween or Theater. The Zombie Kit comes with the following - creme wheel with 6 creme makeup colors found in realistic zombie fx foundations, face powder, powder puff, makeup brush, 3 Packs of Zombie Gutz - Putrid Pus, Belched Black, and Gack Green, liquid latex, tooth wax, 1 stipple sponge and full color instructions.

Liquid latex can be used to seal the wax application. Optionally use more liquid latex to create a range of effects such as wounds, blisters, torn skin, stipple or stretch. Additional effects such as highlights, shadows and foundations can be added by applying different combinations of shades from 6 color creme wheel using wedge applicator or stipple sponge. Set the makeup with translucent face powder. You can add on more zombie features such as rotten or missing tooth effects using the tooth FX included. Zombie Gutz™ gel will help with creating additional wound effects such as festering, infection or oozing of wounds.