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GTX Facepaint Regular - Blue Suede Shoes (120 gm)

GTX Facepaint

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Unleash your creativity with GTX Facepaint, a registered new line of water-activated, glycerin-based professional face paint that's perfect for artists and enthusiasts alike. Crafted with experimentation in mind, GTX Facepaint offers highly pigmented colors and superb coverage that lasts without fading or cracking.

GTX Blue Suede Shoes Face Paint provides a refined shade reminiscent of deep navy blue with a hint of gray. Perfect for evoking the feeling of gazing at the night sky or the expansive ocean.

Ideal for cutting and crafting your own split cakes, GTX Facepaint boasts a clay-like consistency that requires minimal water for activation. This unique formulation delivers a soft, pliable texture that feels gentle on the skin while offering impeccable coverage. Plus, it's easy to remove with soap and water, making cleanup a breeze.

Manufactured according to the highest standards, including UK, EU, FDA, and Health Canada regulations, GTX Facepaint is a top-quality choice for all your face painting needs. With a generous 120 gram size and convenient hinged plastic container, it's easy to take your creativity on the go.

From the heart of Georgetown, Texas, GTX Facepaint is where creativity meets quality. Try it today and unleash your imagination with endless color combinations and possibilities.