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Half Ass Stencils - Design (HAS5003)

Bad Ass Stencils

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Design (HAS5003) Half Ass Stencils are great to add design details to tiny faces. Each stencil measures about 3.3" x 2".

Half Ass Stencils can be stored in a chain that is color coded per set. The Design Stencil sheet includes 11 assorted designs: HAS4035 (Swirly Hearts), HAS3007 (Lattice), HAS3008 (Prismatic), HAS4035 (Lace Flowers), HAS3024 (Retro Circles), HAS3021 (Hexagonal), HAS3018 (Angled Retro), HAS3028 (Swirly), HAS3010 (Frozen Flowers), HAS4027 (Squares) and HAS4028 (Data Stream).

Bad Ass Stencils are high quality stencils that can be used for painting details over face and body. Made of high quality Mylar, these stencils are highly durable and reusable. They are thin and flexible and can be used over any part of the body. Perfect for application with brush, sponge or airbrush. Clean with just soap and water or alcohol if preferred.