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Higgins Bros Spirit Club Sets

Higgins Brothers

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Higgins Brothers Clubs are sold in packaged sets of 3, assorted colors, with instruction pamphlet. One-piece Spirit Clubs with a white body and colorful, taped handle. The HB Spirit club is an extremely durable unibody juggling club, molded from high impact materials. Spirit Clubs weigh 195g each and are 19.5 inches in length. Colors may vary!

Remember, when performing, there are no mistakes while juggling; just make it part of your act. Here are some helpful lines when you drop a ball or club:
- "Gravity Check"
- "This is where my act starts picking up!"
- "Must be a defective ball"
- "Wow! Did you feel that gust of wind?"
- "Oops! Back to the drawing board."
- Throw the other two down and say, "We'll try it again when you guys can get it right!"