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Jest Paint Bolt Brush - Crisp Round # 1(1/16")

Jest Paint

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Bolt Crisp Round Brush #1 by Jest Paint can be used for painting small swirls or twirls, tear drops or for detailed line work. Bolt Crisp Round brushes are specially designed for artists who are looking for firmer bristles.

Crisp Round #1 Brush is 7" long, with handles that are approximately 1/4" in diameter. Bristles are 3/8" long and approximately 1/16" wide at the base. Includes 1 brush/package. Image shows the same brush full sized as well as with a close up shot.

Bolt Brushes have synthetic bristles and short, shiny, wooden handles, coated with non toxic UV reactive paint, which makes your brushes easily visible in black light parties. Bolt line of brushes are made without harming any animal.