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Jest Paint Bolt Brush Diamond Collection - Dotter

Jest Paint

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Bolt Diamond Collection Sponge Dotter Applicator brush from Jest Paint features a flexible black domed sponge that is reusable and soft to the touch. It is ideal for creating a variety of designs such as pearls, bubbles, eyes, and dots. You can experiment with different colors by loading it with white and adding a touch of color to create duo-tone dots when spinning the handle. Additionally, this versatile brush can be used for smudging cream pencil eyeliner or powders in beauty makeup applications.

The brush measures 6.5 inches in length from tip to end, with the sponge base slightly over 3/8 inches in diameter and 5/8 inches long. The handles are approximately 12 cm (1.4 inches) long and in diameter, featuring a sparkling blue wooden design that contrasts with the black sponge applicator.

Bolt Diamond Collection Brushes are designed by the professional face painting artists, Anna and Santi from Jest Paint. Diamond Collection Brushes are hand made in China, manufactured without harming any animals.