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Jest Paint Bolt Brush Diamond Collection Round #4

Jest Paint

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Product Id: JPJPBBDC103
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Bolt Diamond Collection Round #4 Brush by Jest Paint can be used for painting in small areas, twirls, swirls and teardrops. Diamond Collection Round #4 brush with the right bristles length and width, is great for adding fine detail, crisp line work. Bolt's firmer bristles do not hold off to large amount of paint and can be easily washed off. Jest Paint's Bolt Brushes provide more control and smoother strokes because of their short bristles and flat top.

Diamond Collection Round #4 Brush is 7 and 5/8" long from tip to end, bristles are 1/2" long and approximately 1/8" wide at the base. Includes 1 brush/package. Image shows the same brush full sized as well as with a close up shot.

Bolt Diamond Collection Brushes are designed by the professional face painting artists, Anna and Santi from Jest Paint. Diamond Collection Brushes feature synthetic, white flexible bristles and soft, painted wooden handles. Diamond Collection Brushes are hand made in China, manufactured without harming any animals.