Jim Howle Nose Putty (22 gms)

Jim Howle Nose Putty (22 gms)

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Is your clown nose too big to fit your own nose? No problem! Jim Howle's Putty is the perfect solution. Container holds a ping-pong ball sized glob (22 grams), which should last you a long, long time.

For best results, first wipe your nose, clown nose, and hands with alcohol on a paper towel to take off all the makeup, oil, and dirt, sweat. Pull off a little bit of the putty and knead it until it sticks annoyingly to your fingers. Hold the nose upside down and fill the top (the part that is closest to the bridge of your nose) and work it half-way down the sides. Try it on and keep packing more until you have the fit you want. Try NOT to put any Putty in the very front or bottom -- this will shift the weight in the nose and may make it fall off.

To remove: just dab the main glob of remaining Putty to lift off the used stuff and store back in container -- the Putty can be re-used over and over again as long as you keep the container tightly closed. If you can take the time to use the Putty correctly, you will REALLY like its properties! For use with Jim Howle Acrylic Noses.

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