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Jim Howle "That" Restickable Adhesive

Jim Howle

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If your nose is a well-fitting one, "THAT" glue will work the best. The NON-LATEX formula has a special restickable ability which allows you to remove and reattach the nose several times without having to reapply the glue. So this 1.25 oz. bottle goes a long way!

For best results, wipe your nose with alcohol to remove any oil that may prevent optimum adhesion. Place a drop of adhesive inside the clown nose and smear it where it will do the most good. Rub a drop on your own nose and rub it in. Let dry for 5 minutes before putting your clown nose on. Leave the glue inside the nose as long as it works...then add a little more when the old stuff stops working -- simple as that! Easy to clean with mild soap and water.

Jim says the Restickable Adhesive can also be used as an eyelash adhesive. Apply a thin line of it to the eyelash ONLY (not your eye!) and let it dry till it's completely clear. Then you can apply and reposition the lashes as needed. Make sure to let the glue dry so no residue gets on your skin or in your lashes, and clean any residue on the skin with a mild soap and water.