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Kraze FX 6 Color Palette - Neon (6 x 6 gm)

Kraze FX

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Kraze FX Face Paint Palettes can be used to create colorful designs quickly and easily. Perfect to create a range of designs for parties, events, fairs or HalloweenKraze FX 6 Color Neon Palette has 6 gm each of following neon colors: Pink, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Green, Purple and one 1/16" brushes. Dimensions:  7.5" x 2.5" x 0.5". 6 Color Neon Palette will give approximately 30-90 applications. Neon paints are bright under normal light but glow intensely for amazing effects under black light, making them a great choice for night clubs, neon parties etc. 

Kraze heavily pigmented, water activated colors are very smooth and are easy to apply and remove. Kraze Paints dry fast to a smudge-resistant, opaque coverage. Flexes with skin movements without crackingKraze FX Paints are easy to apply with a slightly moistened brush or a face painting sponge. Pick up the paint with moist brush or sponge and apply on skin. Kraze Paints can be removed with mild soap and water using a sponge or wash cloth.

Kraze Face Paints are made with high quality, US FDA & EU compliant ingredients that are safe to use anywhere in the body. Kraze Paints are hypoallergenic and free of nut based ingredients, gluten, perfume or paraben. Kraze formula is vegan; made without any animal based ingredients without any testing on animals.

Neon Colors have not been tested by FDA for cosmetic use. Kraze FX Neon colors are labelled for use as special FX only and not as cosmetic on skin. Independent studies have been done on neon colors, which have not shown any harmful effects on skin. Due to possible staining issues, US FDA warns against use of red, yellow, orange or purple paints near eyes and blue, green or purple shades near lips. Neon colors should not be left on skin for long.