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Kryolan Artex


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Kryolan Artex is a two part silicone based mix, perfect for the most realistic creation of 3D special effects such as wounds, burns and scars. Artex also works great for hiding unwanted skin blemishes. Kryolan Artex is a must have for Halloween, Zombie walk and other special effects makeup. Artex is highly flexible and moves with the skin unlike other silicon products. Artex is odorless. Artex has a natural translucency and the same rigidity as of skin, which results in adding highly realistic special effects.

Kryolan Artex is a two part Silicon mix - Component A & Component B (40 ml each). Precisely mix equal parts (1:1) and apply to the clean skin. Create the desired effect instantly after application as the product begins to set after 5-6 minutes and is fully set in about 10 minutes. Once the product is set, further changes are not possible. Kryolan’s grease paint or Body Illustration Color can be used to enhance the effect. To create a natural complexion mix Flocking into Artex. Apply translucent powder to set. Close the container after each use to prevent drying out of the mixture. Store Artex in a cool and dry place.

Note: This is a special effects product, and NOT a cosmetic. Keep away from children.