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Kryolan Pressed Powder UV Dayglow Green (0.08 oz/2.5 gm)


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Kryolan UV Dayglow Green Creamy Pressed Powder can be used for accents or for an all over smooth application. You can use it as eye shadow blush or a finishing layer. Kryolan Pressed Powder is made up of microfine pigments for a smooth and even application. These pressed powders provide excellent durability when used as eye shadow, making them ideal for professional use.

Kryolan Pressed Powders can be applied dry. Apply with a brush or fingertips over a final design or just to zest up your everyday makeup. Or use with a fine brush for accents and details.

UV Color are for use with a black light but also show up brightly under natural light. They are not recommended for use around the eyes.

Kryolan Pressed Powder comes in a 0.08 oz (2.5 gm) container.