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Kryvaline Green Neon Regular Line KN05 (30 gm)


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Kryvaline Regular Line Neon Green is a high quality cake that can be used for creating stunning Special FX designs. Highly pigmented Neon colors are great for detailing and line work, also blending easily to provide great opaque coverage. Under normal light, Kryvaline Neon shades look bright and colorful, whereas under black lights they illuminate and glow intensely. They are great for blacklight themed parties, night clubs and bowling allies.

Kryvaline is formulated with glycerin and paraffin wax based ingredients, free of any perfume, sulphates or harmful drying agents. It is vegan and not tested on animals. Kryvaline is imported to Canada and labeled according to Canadian Labeling Act. It is made with US FDA and EU compliant ingredients that are safe for application even on sensitive skin. Kryvaline is manufactured in same facilities as TAG, Diamond FX, Wolfe and Cameleon and is comparable with these brands in consistency, color and coverage.

Each 30 gram container gives 50-200 applications.