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Mama Clown Opaque Glitter - Lavender Lilac (1 oz)

Silly Farm (FAB)

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Mama Clown Lavender Lilac Glitter is a high quality polyester glitter that can be used to add sparkling effects to your face and body art. Mama Clown Glitters are safe for use anywhere in the body, including face, lips and eye lids. Lavender Lilac Glitter is opaque and perfect for creating glitter tattoos. Mama Clown Glitter can be mixed with a gel to create glitter gel. Glitter is very finely cut and will stick to face paint before it dries, without any need for adhesives. For longer lasting finish, apply a very small amount of vaseline before applying the glitter. Comes in 1 ounce poofer bottle that is great to add a gentle mist of glitter over your design.