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Mehron Celebre PRO HD Palette (12 Colors)


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Mehron Celebre Pro HD Palette features 12 popular shades of Celebre Pro HD makeup by Mehron. Celebre Pro HD Makeup is available in a range of shades that provide super smooth, non greasy coverage on different skin types and colors. Celebre Pro Cream foundation can be easily applied using a foundation brush or sponge, in a gentle patting motion and then smoothed out to achieve desired coverage.

Celebre Pro high quality makeup is soft and gentle on skin, with effective antioxidants such as aloe vera, pomegranate and vitamin E. Made with high quality ingredients, Celebre Pro provide moisturizing and soothing effects on skin. Mehron Celebre Pro HD Colors are scent-free and oil-free, and packaged in an environmentally friendly palette. Certified Vegan product; not tested on animals.

12 Color Celebre Pro HD Palette contains the following shades: LT1 (Light 1), LT2 (Light 2), LT4 (Light 4), MED1 (Medium 1), MED3 (Medium 3), MED4 (Medium 4), MDK1 (Medium Dark 1), MDK2 (Medium Dark 2), MDK4 (Medium Dark 4), DK1 (Dark 1), DK3 (Dark 3) and DK4 (Dark 4).

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