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Mehron Fantasy FX 5 Pack Essential Set Face Paint Tubes


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Mehron Fantasy FX 5 Pack Essential Face Paint Set includes all primary colors, black and white face paint shades necessary to create a wide range of Halloween makeup looks. Just blend and mix primary colors to create any shade you want.

Fantasy FX 5 Pack Essential Face Paint Set includes 1 oz each of the following colors: Red, Yellow, Blue, White, & Black. Each color comes in a 1 ounce tube. Total Net: 5 oz/ 150 ml.

Squeezable face paint in a tube: Mehron Fantasy F/X Face Paints are as easy to use as toothpaste. They need no water activation, just squeeze and paint.

These tubes of face paint are ideal for large events like carnivals or a large party. If there are a lot of people to cover in one color, like a ball game, Mehron F/X tubes are ideal--just squeeze and start painting. They also dry quickly--in less than a minute. Once on they stay put until you wash them off with soap and water.

Mehron Face Paints are highly saturated and highly pigmented, water-based face paints of cosmetic grade. The ingredients are FDA approved, but if skin is prone to allergies, Mehron recommends that a small patch of skin be tested with the face paint before full coverage.