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Mehron Liquid Latex Adhesive - Zombie (1 oz)


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Liquid latex dries clear, has excellent adhesion and is easy to apply. Use to adhere clown noses and rhinestones, or to blend the edges of bald caps.

Mehron Zombie Liquid Latex can be used to create special effects such as realistic skin textures or to apply crepe hair or prosthetics. Perfect for creating effects such as old age, zombie skin, burns, monster skin etc. Mehron Liquid latex is useful for sealing prosthetics and smoothing out edges for natural effects. Mehron latex is very pliable and will easily take desired shape based on where it is applied. Special texture effects can be created by peeling back layers. Mehron Liquid Latex can be used along with cotton, torn tissue papers or cereal flakes to create skin textures. Can be removed easily by simply peeling off.

Sorry, we cannot ship this item in winter as it will freeze.

Note: Keep away from hair or clothes. In case of sensitive skin, use of barrier spray is recommended prior to applying liquid latex.

To apply your clown nose, apply adhesive to the bridge area inside the false nose. Put the nose on briefly, then remove it, leaving a line of glue across your own nose. Re-apply adhesive to both your nose and the clown nose, and allow both to dry for several minutes until clear (you can use a hair dryer to speed this process up). Gently roll the nose on for a secure fit. Avoid getting adhesive in the nostril area to avoid pain when removing. To remove, gently peel the nose from one side.

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