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MiKim Red AQ Matte Makeup F8 (40 gm)

MiKim FX

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MiKim FX AQ Matte Red is a highly pigmented cake makeup that works great for blending or line work. Mikim AQ Makeup gives more coverage with a small amount of the product compared to other brands. Mikim AQ Makeup can be applied dry or wet. AQ Makeup can be applied dry with a foam powder applicator. Use a brush for applying wet. Cake once dry can be used again for dry applications. In order to achieve a smudge proof finish and for durable applications, a setting spray is recommended. Once done, makeup can be easily removed with soap and water.

Each 40 gram Mikim paint is good for 100 - 250 applications.

Mikim FX makeup is made in accordance EEC and US FDA guidelines for cosmetics. Mikim AQ Makeup is not tested on animals. An allergy test is recommended before first use.