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ProAiir DIPS Waterproof Makeup - Black (1 oz)


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ProAiir DIPS Waterproof Makeup - Black by ShowOffs Body Art is a highly pigmented, alcohol based hybrid brush-on makeup. DIPS Makeup is smudgeproof and waterproof and can withstand extreme conditions like heat and rain, and is perfect for use in swimming pools, water parks etc, where normal cake makeup tends to wash off. DIPS works great for line work over powders, cake makeup, or airbrush makeup and is not designed for background work. DIPS is skin safe and can be applied directly on the skin. DIPS makeup can be used to add all design accents like flowers, twirls, tear drops etc. to your face and body art. Technique of using DIPS with perfection needs some learning, but once you are familiarized, DIPS is easy to use to achieve high performance results.

DIPS is designed to be used with a brush only. Give the bottle a shake and release the cap to discharge any air pressure before use. Use from DIPS bottle or transfer it into a container. Use in a well ventilated area. Use a mister bottle with 91% or 99% alcohol for loading the brush or for reactivating dried up makeup. DIPS Makeup might need thinning with alcohol for getting the right consistency. DIPS works for any medium, but ensure the surface is dry. Keep the lid on when unused for preventing the makeup from drying and clogging. Reload the brush with alcohol for reuse. Not recommended under or over eye lids or on oily skin or skin with sunburns or sores. You can mix DIPS to create different colors. Comes in 1 oz bottle. Each 1 oz bottle can give about 120-140 face painting applications.

DIPS Makeup can be easily removed, but do not use water first. Use liquid soap and scrub gently until the paint is removed, then wipe it off or rinse with water.

ProAiir Hybrid Makeup is made in the USA, with high quality alcohol and color pigments in compliance with EU and FDA regulations for cosmetics. DIPS is certified skin safe by CSPA (Consumer Safety Product Associaton) and CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) and is a great product to use for children, when used correctly. ProAiir DIPS is certified vegan and not tested on animals.

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