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ProAiir Solids Water Resistant Makeup Palette - Thriller


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ProAiir Solids Wicked Makeup Palette has the following colors of ProAiir Solids Makeup: Swamp Moss, Dirt, Warm Flesh, Corpse, Cocoa, Walking Dead, 7 gm each.

ProAiir Solids Makeup is a professional quality, highly pigmented, highly durable cake makeup that can be easily applied using a sponge or brush. The water less trademark formula is smudge-proof and water-resistant and can withstand extreme conditions with heat or water, and works great for use in water parks, pool parties, hot days etc, unlike normal cake makeup. ProAiir Hybrid can last up to 2-3 days with right usage, and fades off naturally like other makeup. 

ProAiir Hybrid Solids should be used only in well ventilated area, away from flames. You can apply directly on clean skin, free of oil and dirt. DO NOT USE water to activate Solids Makeup. Activate using few drops of ProAiir Prolong and then apply using a brush or sponge. 

ProAiir Hybrid Makeup can be easily removed, but DO NOT use water first. Use liquid soap, oil based makeup remover or alcohol and scrub gently until the paint is removed, then wipe it off or rinse with water.

ProAiir Solids Makeup is made in the USA, with color pigments in compliance with EU and FDA regulations for cosmetics. ProAiir Solids makeup does not contain gluten or phthalate and is certified skin safe. Keep away from children. Do not use on sensitive skin or in case of cuts or wounds.

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