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Pros-Aide&reg I Adhesive (1 oz)


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The original Pros-Aide® I Adhesive is professional, non-toxic glue for bonding prosthetic appliances and cosmetic accessories to skin. Pros-Aide® Adhesive is the recognized leader for medical grade prosthetic applications and special effects makeup for television and major film productions.

The ultra strong water-based acrylic formula is waterproof and holds up against sweat and moisture without irritating skin. Use Pros-Aide® I for adhering prosthetic appliances, such as latex, foam latex, gelatin and silicone. Adhesive may also be used to fill in cavities with prosthetic pieces or mixed with Liquitex and other acrylic paints to produce PAX paint that can be used on skin and foam latex. Pros-Aide® I Adhesive comes in a 1 ounce bottle.

To Apply: Ensure skin area is clean and free of all film and oil. Gently shake Pros-Aide® and apply a thin, even layer to the back of prosthesis or cosmetic appliance and to skin surface with cotton swab or brush. When adhesive turns clear position and firmly press appliance down on skin starting in the center and then smoothing out the edges.

To Remove: Use Pros-Aide® Adhesive Remover, which is specially formulated to safely break down and dissolve Pros-Aide® Adhesives. For sensitive areas, including the neck, back, and chest, take extra care when applying. Do not apply Pros-Aide® I near hair or eyes as it is very difficult to remove. Do not attempt to tear off adhesive as it will pull off skin.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Freezing Pros-Aide® I Adhesive will ruin product. Neither nor Pros-Aide® assumes any responsibility in the case that such events take place due to cold temperature exposure.