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Ruby Red Brush Set (3 Piece)

Ruby Red Paints

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Product Id: K11397
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Ruby Red 3 Piece Brush Set is the perfect add-on to any of the Ruby Red face painting kits, with 3 essential brush heads for painting different designs. Ruby Red Brushes are super soft and durable, while providing great control for a hassle-free painting experience.

This pack includes:
  • 1 Fine Filbert brush
  • 1 Fine Flat brush
  • 1 Small Round brush

The Fine Filbert brush is used to add small details to face paint designs with precision. The Round brush comes to a pointed end for painting nice, even lines, stripes, tear drops, dots and other details. The Fine Flat brush is ideal for broad, sweeping brushstrokes or lines with consistent width, for thin brushstrokes on its side, and for picking up multiple colors from a mini splitcake in one stroke. This Brush Set is a must-have for any face painter's collection! Ruby Red brushes are American made and vegan, containing no animal byproducts.