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Silly Farm Rainbow Cake - Camerons Collection Bejeweled

Silly Farm (FAB)

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Camerons Collection Split Cakes from Silly Farm are special edition rainbow cakes done in collaboration with Cameron Garret for quick creation of colorful and vibrant designs. Camerons Collection Bejeweled Split Cake contains the colors: Dark Blue, Light Blue, Green and Gold. Comes in 50 gm stackable container.

Rainbow Split Cakes have changed the way we face paint. Rainbow cakes are multi-colored cakes of face paint that allow you to lay down several colors at once. Just one stroke with a brush and apply to skin, and you have a rainbow. Rainbow cakes are excellent for base work for any design.

Rainbow Cakes can be easily applied with a body brush or half sponge. Dampen your brush and rub it back and forth on the Rainbow Cake to load the brush on both sides equally. For better results, wet the cake surface using a spray bottle and pick up the colors by rubbing a half sponge on the surface. Care should be taken as too much water can blend the colors. Rainbow cakes can also be used with Face Paint Stencils. Gives about 100-500 applications.