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SOBA Quick EZ Stencil - Peeps


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Product Id: SBQZE89
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ShowOffs Body Art QuickEZ Face Painting Stencils are high-quality, compact stencils crafted from 0.7mm thick mylar, ensuring durability and precision in every design. Unleash your creativity with QuickEZ, the ultimate companion for face and body painting enthusiasts. QuickEZ stencils are the perfect complement to any form of artistic expression. Whether you're painting faces, applying makeup, creating special effects, or even spraying designs on t-shirts or metal crafts, QuickEZ is your go-to tool for making your work stand out from the rest. QuickEZ stencils are designed to be highly portable, allowing you to showcase your artistic skills wherever you go.

With QuickEZ, the possibilities are endless. These patterned stencils are perfect for embellishing your face and body art, adding that surprise element of creativity to your designs. Made from a flexible blue mylar material, these stencils make it easy to see exactly where you're placing them and allow for effortless layering. Each stencil measures 4.5" x 5.5".

QuickEZ stencils are compatible with both airbrushes and brushes/sponges, making them incredibly versatile. Easy to clean, simply wipe them down with soap and water or alcohol. Stand out from the crowd and elevate your work with ShowOffs Body Art QuickEZ Face Painting Stencils!