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Sparkling Faces The Ultimate Face Painting Guide - Basic Strokes Designs Edition

Sparkling Faces

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Sparkling Faces The Ultimate Face Painting Guide is an incredible, easy to follow step by step face painting guide created by world renowned, award winning face painting artist Milena Potekhina. The Ultimate Face Painting Basic Strokes Designs Edition is perfect to learn to paint amazing basic strokes and line work.

Basic Strokes Designs Edition includes: Milena's Basic Strokes designs practice guide features 20 high quality paper sheets with one stroke practice designs, 10 video tutorials, 1 clear practice board.

Place the clear practice board on top of the design you want to master and start painting.

Sparkling Faces Practice Boards are a great boon for artists to try out designs and strokes without requiring a live model. Face & Body Artists can paint complete face paint designs and print them out for face paint menus or albums for sharing with customers. Comes in A4 size - 8.27" x 11.69", printed in Switzerland.

Sparkling Faces Boards are durable practice boards with colored face design template printed on the back of a plastic sheet. Boards can be washed and used over and over again. The practice side of the board has a texture that prevents slipping of brushes and yet offers artists great control.

After each use, scrub the makeup off using detergent water and a soft sponge. Dry completely before storing.