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Superstar Biodegradable Loose Chunky Glitter - Sky Blue (6 ml)


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Superstar Biodegradable Loose Chunky Glitter can be used to add glittery accents to skin and hair. Superstar Chunky Glitter is perfect for use at festivals, fairs, parties, Halloween and more!!

Sky Blue Chunky Glitter comes in 6 ml size; where size indicates volume as the weight can vary depending on particle density. Also available as fine glitter here.

Loose Chunky Glitter can be applied over face paint designs when the paint is still wet. For more durable applications, apply using a glitter glue or glitter gel. Glitter can be applied using fingers or glitter applicators. To remove, wipe off the application and wash with soap and water.

Superstar Biodegradable Glitter is formulated 100% plastic free, which makes it biodegradable If you are one among the many, who have been looking for more eco friendly glitter that is gentle on our environment, then these bio glitters from Superstar are exactly what you need.

Chunky glitter is not recommended for use near eyes. Also not recommended for use on or near small children.