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Superstar Little Dream Colours Rainbow Cake - Little Mermaid (30 gm)


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Superstar Little Dream Colors Rainbow Cakes are vibrant and bold, multi colored 1-stroke cakes perfect for creating beautiful designs with fewer brush or sponge strokes. The beautiful matte color combinations make it the perfect choice for group painting events such as parties, celebrations and festivals.

Little Mermaid Dream Color Cake includes following colors: Shimmer Purple, Shimmer Blue, Shimmer Golden Green and Regular White.

Superstar Face And Body Paint is an intensely pigmented, glycerin based, water activated face and body makeup that guarantees bold and vibrant coverage with smooth and creamy consistency. Shimmer Colors can be used to add shining elements to your face and body art. Superstar Aqua Professional Makeup is comparable in consistency and color intensity with Kryolan Aquacolor and Paradise AQ face paints.

Superstar Paint blends in seamlessly and is ideal for base work for both beginners and professionals alike. Opaque Coverage from Superstar is flexible with facial movements and does not crack or peel.

Use a flat or angle brush to pick up multiple colors at once and create fast, multi-color designs using 1 stroke face painting techniques. It is not recommended to add water directly to the cake. Activate your brush or sponge with water and swipe it back and forth on the rainbow cake in the same direction as the colors to load the face paint. Apply to skin and reload brush or sponge to achieve the desired coverage. Superstar Makeup dries quickly in about 30 seconds without requiring use of any setting powder and can be removed easily with just soap and water. Superstar paints blend in smoothly and stay gentle on skin to provide a smooth, smudge resistant coverage. For a longer lasting finish, a setting spray is recommended before and after application.

Comes in a rectangular container measuring approximately 2 2/16" x 1 6/16" x 6/16". 30 gm (1.06 ounces) rainbow cake is good for about 60-150 applications.

Superstar paints are made with ingredients free of perfume and gluten, and are not tested on animals. Superstar is made in Netherlands with FDA and EU compliant ingredients.